Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day Ten: Gingerbread for very short nails.

 Not the gum drop buttons!!!

As you can see my nails have taken a hit over the last few days. A combination of decorating and horrible weather have left them in an awful state. So a quick design that can be used on short nails.

The beauty of designs like this is that they rely on plastic drying and you can use a clear plastic so that you can meausre your nail underneath.

First create a ginerbread outline. Fill in any details you like. (See the candy cane post for tips on plastic drying!)

Once my gingerbread men were completely dry I simply pushed them off and stuck them to the tacky varnish on my thumb nails. I finshed off with some coloured gems over the buttons and applied a liberal amount of top coat to seal.
For my main colour I used Nails incs Basil Street - A favourite nude of mine. Because my nails are really short right now a nude or light colour doesn't highlight their lengh but gives them a healthy look.

A simple, hide all sins but Christmassy design.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day Eight: Tie it all up with a bow.

Presents! Presents! Presents!

Start by painting your nails in alternative colours. I chose a deep red and gold; both with a shine to them.
Once the paint is absolutely dry create a stripe across either the center the side of the nail using a nail striper. I chose a gold for the red nail and a purple for the gold nail.

Add a second horizontal stripe to make a ribbon design. Where the ribbon meets create two small triangles as the bow.

Finish the bow off by adding a gem to the center.

Mily x

Day Seven: A little something sweet.

A simpler Candy Cane design

Start with a base red or dark pink, make sure you use a good base coat to stop bleeding into your nails.

Using a white or light pink striper create a large stripe across your nail. Follow the bigger line with smaller stripes.

Once you have finished you can add a touch of sparkle with some glitter across one of the white stripes.

Finished! Simples!

Love Mily x

Day Six: O Tannenbaum!

Oh Christmas Tree! O Tannenbaum!

A really simple design that looks funky.

Start by painting your nails green, I used Orly's Winter Green. Leave one or two nails to paint white. Wait for the paint to completely dry before moving on. (White is notorious for showing all sins so take your time)
On the white nails start to build up a Christmas tree by placing dots of green paint in a triangle from the base of your nail. If like me you only have two green varnishes you can mix to create new shades.

Build up until you have a definite shape. You can leave as much white in between as you feel comfortable with. 

Top your design off with a star if you wish (I have a polish with stars inside. I selected one for the top of the tree)

Use some red gems or red paint to make the decorations.

Merry Christmas

Mily x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 5: Simple but effective

Go the glitter way.

A really simple design that just looks lovely at Christmas.

Start with a deep red, mine is a BOURJOIS from Boots. Once it is dry add a clear top coat and sprinkle with a glitter.
I have used Andrea Fulerton from Superdrugs. It is a holographic silver and come in a tube you can squeeze to get a nice effect across the body of the nail.

Simple but festive...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day Four: We all want some figgy pudding!

Day Four: Christmas Puds!

I wore this design at work last week and had so many comments on it. A really popular design. Some of my pupils have copied it. (Please excuse my cuticles - the weather dries my hands)
First of all start off with a light brown colour and paint a good base colour. Once this is dry use a large dotting tool to add some white drips to the top of your nail.

To this add two red dots for holly. You could use red gems if you wish. And finish off with some green leaves.

Of course finish off with your favourite top coat. Easy peasy design. Go on... Give it a go...
Mily x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day Three: Let it Snow!!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

A super easy snowflake design to keep you looking Christmassy!

Start with a solid white base coat. I tend to take a long time time to do this; letting one coat dry properly before adding another. White is very hard to put on properly.

Using a striper I placed a dot in the middle of my nail. I then drew 5 or 6 lines outwards depending on the size of my nails. From those I drew a series of simple little lines to make the snow flake shape.
I used a variety of blues and purples and finished off with a diamonte in the centre for added sparkle.

Simple but sweet Snow Flake design (another simple Snow Flake to follow soon)

Mily x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Day Two: I love Candy!

Candy Canes

A slightly more complicated but very festive design... Here is how I did it....

First of all I made my candy canes separately from the nail design. I used the base of an old sweet tub, anything smooth and plastic will work for this.

Using a dotting tool I created my candy cane shape on the tub, as the varnish began to dry I used the clean end of a dotting tool to scrape away any bad edges. (Picture 1: Below)

I then used a dotting tool to create the white stripes in the candy cane. I simply placed a dot at the side of the shape and stretched the varnish across. (Picture 2) It takes some practise but is not as hard as you would think. Again I used a clean dotting tool to scrape away the drying paint that I didn't want. (Picture 3)

Leave this for a good few hours to dry and then simply peel your shapes off!


Next I painted my nails a green - Winter Green by ORLY (remember to use a good base coat - colours like green stain!) and used a silver striper to draw a simple line across the tops of my nails. While the varnish was still tacky I placed my dried Candy Canes where I wanted them and sealed with a top coat.

And there is your second festive design... another simpler candy cane design to follow.

Mily x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas ... Day One

'Tis the season and to celebrate I've decided to give you twelve designs for the Christmas season. Some will be simple and others (for you adventurous ones) more complicated...

Day One - Santa's Coat!

A really simple design! Start with a bright red and add a few nice coats. Don't forget to use a good base coat because red really stains!

Once you have done that add a white french tip and create a line strait down the middle of your nail. It doesn't have to be perfect. After all it is the trimming on his coat.

Using a darker red make a horizontal stripe across your nail to create his belt.

I then used a silver striper to draw on a buckle design. A square around the belt and a small line for the clasp. You could use black or white to create the same effect.

Merry Christmas....
Mily x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

There be Pirates!

The Pirates are coming! The Pirates are coming!

A funny little design. As always easy to do...

Start by painting your nails white. At the base of your nail create a thick red stripe. I used a variety of red shades to give the bandanas something different. I also changed the angle of the red.
Once this is dry use a dotting tool to put some spots on the pirates banadanas. I created a mixture of large and small dots.
Then using a large dotting tool put a large on the left or right side and a smaller on the other to create eyes.
Finally use a striper to join the larger dot to the sides of the bandana - creating the eye patch and draw a small smile at the top of your nails. You can give them any expression you wish.