Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Flying V

The Grey V design

After a weekend of camping my nails were looking awful so I have produced a hurried design to cover up the horrible-ness that is my nails and cuticles. Please ignore how awful they look and focus on the pretty design. They are being moisturised to the extreme!

So... I started off painting my nails a flat grey. I used MAYBELLINE NEW YORK ... number 795 Cloudy Grey available from Boots.
I then painted a V shape at the top of my nails in GOSH holographic. It was available in Superdrugs but I haven't seen it in a while.

Once I had done that I used a black striper to draw a V outline and tidy up the edges of the holographic varnish.

As usual I finished off with a top coat to give a nice even finish and shine.... 
And there you have it. A simple design that can be done in any colour.

Mily x

Monday, 15 August 2011

i HATE scrabble, i LOVE scrabble...

 A punky design for you Scrabble buffs...

I wanted to do a Scrabble design and this is the outcome. I have been practicing my skulls do some cute skull designs in the future so expect them soon.

I started off painting my nails a buff colour - No.595 - Miss Sweety from GOSH, I used the buff colour on 4 nails leaving my thumb free. For the thumbs I used a black from Claire's and a dark pink -No.273 Raspberry from Barry M.

Using a black striper I painted the letters on my fingers and their scrabble value. It took time and patience but a little tip is to rest both hands on a flat surface to balance.

 I then painted a skull and cross bones on the black nail using a white striper. I used Andrea Fulerton's striper which come with a glitter attached. Before the white was dry I sprinkled the glitter over the whole nail and blew off the excess.

 On the other thumb I painted a heart shape using a pale pink and outlined it in black to give some definition.

And there you have it Punky Scrabble tiles.

Mily x

Definitely dotty...

A really simple design but patience is needed...

I started off painting my nails a base white and then covered the white with a coat of a pearlesque polish. I chose Snow from NYX Girls.

Once that was dry I selected a red, orange, yellow, green and blue paint (All from Claire's Accessories. ~ They do excellent block colours.)

Using my dotting tool I created a row of the base colour, I then added a drop of white to the varnish and mixed. I made a second row of dots and repeated until I had diluted the colour and run out of space on my nails.

Of course I then finished with a top coat - the usual from Barry M

So, go to it girls...

Mily x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A dotty creation...

A simple design created using make shift dotting tools.

This design was really simple, all I did was paint all but one nails green using Barry M - Emerald, I then painted the fifth nail yellow using Beauty UK - Yellow Peril (both available from Superdrugs)

Remember to use a base coat to protect your natural nail.

Using the end of a pencil I created some dots along the green nails. I chose to cluster them in corners but you can put them where you like.

Once you've dotted add some larger green dots to the yellow finger, once the green dots have dried add a yellow dot inside that using your pencil again.
And there you have it...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

All laced up.

A very easy lace corset design tutorial...

~ Here is my second medium nail tutorial. It can be done in any colour but I have chosen red for this time.
To start with use a base coat to protect your natural nails, as usual I used my favourite Barry M.

I then painted a block colour red on to my nails.
I used BOURJOIS PARIS 1 Seconde fan effect in Number 8. It has a lovely shine.

Once that' is fully dry use a nail striper to create a v shape in the middle of your nails and fill in the gap.

This may take some time so rest your hand against something and take it steady. If it's not perfect don't worry, you can clean it up by carefully adding new stripes of either red or white.

Using the pen nib of the striper I then added white dots either side of the V. For long nails I made four dots, for short nails I made three. Any more than that and it gets too complicated.
It would also work using a dotting tool or homemade dotting tool if your striper doesn't have a pen nib.

The last step is to lace up your design, criss-cross the varnish using a striper or a pen nib. Start at the bottom and work up as if your were lacing shoes. Again take your time and work steadily.

I used a red striper in a lighter shade than the background red.

Finish off with a top coat to give the design a nice shine.

So there you have it... A lace up design that can be done in any colour.

Mily x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vamping it up!

A simple design created using Andrea Fulerton's Petrol in the Water available at Superdrugs.

I wanted to show you a design using the new Nail Boutique range by Andrea Fulerton from Superdrugs. I chose Petrol in the Water to create a vamp look. The idea being the nail varnish is that you have two separate colours that then combine to create a third.

I started by using a base coat to protect my natural nails and then created a block colour using the darker side. Once the varnish was completely dry I prepared my nails for a french tip in the second lighter colour. I chose to have a sharp line so used tape.

I then painted the nails using strokes from the nail bed to the top in order to avoid getting varnish under the tape.
Once that was completely dry I removed the tape. Don't worry if some of the tacky glue from the tape is still attached to the nail. It will come off if you carefully wash your hands. (If it doesn't all come off then applying a top coat will make it un-noticable.)

I then attached a black butterfly fimo slice to three random nails.
See my post on fimo slices for hints and tips on how to apply safely and securely

To finish off I applied a nice shiny top coat. Again the Barry M one from my previous posts.

And there you have it! A very simple vampy design using the new range from Superdrugs.

Mily x

Going dotty...

Dotting tools are great for creating fun designs. They are availble on ebay or from amazon for a couple pounds...

...but it is not necessary to buy them. Dotting tools are easy to make from household items.

The simplest one is a sewing pin. I like to use an old pencil to help secure the pin and make it easier to use. Simply stick the pin into the rubber and Viola! a perfect dotting tool.

I'm sure I don't need to say this but don't attempt to drip your dotter straight into your nail varnish bottle. Put a few drops on a piece of paper and dip into that.

For different size dots use things like bobby pins, old biro or pencils.

Mily x

Monday, 1 August 2011

Short nails need love too....

Caring for nails is a labour of love but it is a simple thing to do if you have the time.

A selection of tools.
(From top to bottom: Cuticle cutters, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer, glass file, buffer, emery board)

Before you paint it is essential to make sure your nails are well manicured. This ensures that the stay healthy and grow strong.

Make sure you file your nails down to a good length.

When filing make sure you move the file all the same way.

To help trim your cuticles first put some hand cream on the tips to soften them up. Try not to push to hard or it will hurt. You can either cut them using a cuticle trimmer like the one above or use a cuticle cutter.

Remeber to apply a base coat to help protect your natural nails before you polish.

Once you have completed your polish try using a cuticle nail oil to keep your nails strong and healthy.  My favourite one is Nurture Oil.