Thursday, 4 August 2011

All laced up.

A very easy lace corset design tutorial...

~ Here is my second medium nail tutorial. It can be done in any colour but I have chosen red for this time.
To start with use a base coat to protect your natural nails, as usual I used my favourite Barry M.

I then painted a block colour red on to my nails.
I used BOURJOIS PARIS 1 Seconde fan effect in Number 8. It has a lovely shine.

Once that' is fully dry use a nail striper to create a v shape in the middle of your nails and fill in the gap.

This may take some time so rest your hand against something and take it steady. If it's not perfect don't worry, you can clean it up by carefully adding new stripes of either red or white.

Using the pen nib of the striper I then added white dots either side of the V. For long nails I made four dots, for short nails I made three. Any more than that and it gets too complicated.
It would also work using a dotting tool or homemade dotting tool if your striper doesn't have a pen nib.

The last step is to lace up your design, criss-cross the varnish using a striper or a pen nib. Start at the bottom and work up as if your were lacing shoes. Again take your time and work steadily.

I used a red striper in a lighter shade than the background red.

Finish off with a top coat to give the design a nice shine.

So there you have it... A lace up design that can be done in any colour.

Mily x

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