Monday, 15 August 2011

i HATE scrabble, i LOVE scrabble...

 A punky design for you Scrabble buffs...

I wanted to do a Scrabble design and this is the outcome. I have been practicing my skulls do some cute skull designs in the future so expect them soon.

I started off painting my nails a buff colour - No.595 - Miss Sweety from GOSH, I used the buff colour on 4 nails leaving my thumb free. For the thumbs I used a black from Claire's and a dark pink -No.273 Raspberry from Barry M.

Using a black striper I painted the letters on my fingers and their scrabble value. It took time and patience but a little tip is to rest both hands on a flat surface to balance.

 I then painted a skull and cross bones on the black nail using a white striper. I used Andrea Fulerton's striper which come with a glitter attached. Before the white was dry I sprinkled the glitter over the whole nail and blew off the excess.

 On the other thumb I painted a heart shape using a pale pink and outlined it in black to give some definition.

And there you have it Punky Scrabble tiles.

Mily x

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