Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vamping it up!

A simple design created using Andrea Fulerton's Petrol in the Water available at Superdrugs.

I wanted to show you a design using the new Nail Boutique range by Andrea Fulerton from Superdrugs. I chose Petrol in the Water to create a vamp look. The idea being the nail varnish is that you have two separate colours that then combine to create a third.

I started by using a base coat to protect my natural nails and then created a block colour using the darker side. Once the varnish was completely dry I prepared my nails for a french tip in the second lighter colour. I chose to have a sharp line so used tape.

I then painted the nails using strokes from the nail bed to the top in order to avoid getting varnish under the tape.
Once that was completely dry I removed the tape. Don't worry if some of the tacky glue from the tape is still attached to the nail. It will come off if you carefully wash your hands. (If it doesn't all come off then applying a top coat will make it un-noticable.)

I then attached a black butterfly fimo slice to three random nails.
See my post on fimo slices for hints and tips on how to apply safely and securely

To finish off I applied a nice shiny top coat. Again the Barry M one from my previous posts.

And there you have it! A very simple vampy design using the new range from Superdrugs.

Mily x

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