Wednesday, 21 September 2011

An amooosing little design...

An incredibly simple and a-mooo-sing design to create. All that is needed is white polish, a dotting tool and some black polish.
Start by painting your nails completely white. I always take a long time over this because white is notorious for smudging and looking uneven. Make sure the polish is completely dry before adding more coats.
After that I simply used a dotting tool to create some black cloud like shapes to my nails. I aimed to have 3 to 5 per nail depending on the size of the nail and the shape.

Finish with a top coat for shine and there you go...


Gone totally dotty...

Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot....

I couldn't decide upon a suitable colour for my nails so I decided to use them all...

I started by painting a white base coat on my nails, then using a dotting tool I slowly built up the dots using all my favourite colours.

I kept this using this process until very little white was left visible. Take care to make sure that your nails dry naturally as you add the layers of dots so that the colours don't run or smudge.
Finally, when all the colours were added and dry I applied a top coat. I recently bought a GOSH matt top coat so tried it out for the first time on this design.

And there you have it, another simple but effective design...
Mily x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A little of the ol' frenchy...

An Alternative French Manicure.

I decided to jazz up my french manicure today and have gone for a very simple design that looks different and still has the elegant girly touch of a french.
So start out with a normal french manicure. Its up to you what shades you use. I usually have a very light, pearl-esque pink as the base and a plain white for the tip.

Using a doting tool and some white polish (mine is Barry M - 66 - Matt white) create a series of dots along the top and sides of your nail.
I alternated the sides so one nail has dots down the left, the other has dots down the right, I also create a  nail with dots straight along the tip line. I used two sizes to give a more varied effect.

Rest your hands on a table to make the dotting process steadier.

Finally along the tip of my thumb nails I placed a row of nail gems. I opted for Andrea Fulerton available at Superdrugs. She has a range of colours but I have used the petrol stained ones.

The are simple to apply, simply press into wet nail varnish, in this case I put a layer of clear polish along the tip and using tweezers pressed the gems into place. Andrea Fulerton gems also come with a tool that allows you to press down on the gems without smudging your varnish.
Once they are on seal with a strong top coat, I used Sally Hanson INSTA-DRI because it is anti-chip and incredibly strong.

And there you have it, an alternative to the simple french manicure

Mily x

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bak 2 Skool!

Back to School!

It's that time of year again so here is a back to school inspired design.

I started by painting my nails a matt white. I usually do this slowly, over a couple of hours sometimes because white polish is a pain if it gets too thick. Start with light coats and build... The white polish I used was Barry M number 66 available in Boots and Superdrugs
Using a blue striper I painted some horizontal lines across one nail on each hand and then a vertical red stripe down the left hand side to create a school paper effect.
Finally to create the pencils I painted a V shape at the top of my nails using a variety of different colours. And used a black striper to make a pencil outline.

Finish off with a top coat. Lately I have been testing Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI. It dries in 30 seconds and leaves your nails really hard so it it excellent for protecting your nail designs. It is available in Boots and Superdrugs.

Happy back to school....
Mily x