Sunday, 11 September 2011

A little of the ol' frenchy...

An Alternative French Manicure.

I decided to jazz up my french manicure today and have gone for a very simple design that looks different and still has the elegant girly touch of a french.
So start out with a normal french manicure. Its up to you what shades you use. I usually have a very light, pearl-esque pink as the base and a plain white for the tip.

Using a doting tool and some white polish (mine is Barry M - 66 - Matt white) create a series of dots along the top and sides of your nail.
I alternated the sides so one nail has dots down the left, the other has dots down the right, I also create a  nail with dots straight along the tip line. I used two sizes to give a more varied effect.

Rest your hands on a table to make the dotting process steadier.

Finally along the tip of my thumb nails I placed a row of nail gems. I opted for Andrea Fulerton available at Superdrugs. She has a range of colours but I have used the petrol stained ones.

The are simple to apply, simply press into wet nail varnish, in this case I put a layer of clear polish along the tip and using tweezers pressed the gems into place. Andrea Fulerton gems also come with a tool that allows you to press down on the gems without smudging your varnish.
Once they are on seal with a strong top coat, I used Sally Hanson INSTA-DRI because it is anti-chip and incredibly strong.

And there you have it, an alternative to the simple french manicure

Mily x

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