Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This is Halloween...

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween....

It's that time of year... the nights draw in and the cold starts to bite.

My favourite time of year! I've created a mix-match of nails for you... Take your pick of these trick or treat designs.
I chose to paint a different design on each nail, but first I painted all my nails a base white to protect them from any colours I put on top. (Especially black and orange which could bleed into your nails.)

Once I had done this I chose to use a mummy design, a eyes in the dark design, a spiders web and a pumpkin.


To create the Mummy design I simply painted my nail white. Then using a black striper I created the bandages by painting simple black lines. I blocked one section of the lines out to create the area for the Mummy's eyes. Using a dotting tool I then put two large white dots with two smaller black dots inside. To create the evil Mummy I did the same but used red polish instead. I then gave him a stare by using my stiper to block out the top of the circle.

Spider's web:

A spider's web is simple to create. Simply paint your nail black. Use a white striper to draw four or five lines from a starting point in the corner of your nail. Then connect those lines with a series of little curves. Voila! Spider's web.

Eyes in the dark and Pumpkin:

Finally Eyes in the dark and Pumpkin designs.
The eyes in the dark are my favourite of this collection. You can make them look quite comical by moving the position of the pupils. Simply paint your nails a block black and then using a dotting tool (or the end of a pencil... see previous post for how to make your own dotting tools.) place two white blobs next to each other. I have used two different sizes. Then put a smaller dot inside both circles for the scared pupils.

The pumpkin design is just as easy, paint your nails a block orange and then use a black striper to create your pumpkin face. Make it as scary or cute as you like. I then used a little green striper to put a stalk and leaf on the top.

Happy painting, Mily x

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