Tuesday, 15 November 2011

There be Pirates!

The Pirates are coming! The Pirates are coming!

A funny little design. As always easy to do...

Start by painting your nails white. At the base of your nail create a thick red stripe. I used a variety of red shades to give the bandanas something different. I also changed the angle of the red.
Once this is dry use a dotting tool to put some spots on the pirates banadanas. I created a mixture of large and small dots.
Then using a large dotting tool put a large on the left or right side and a smaller on the other to create eyes.
Finally use a striper to join the larger dot to the sides of the bandana - creating the eye patch and draw a small smile at the top of your nails. You can give them any expression you wish.

Nude and black stripes

A simple 60s look.

 I wanted to put a 60s design on the blog and came up with this really simple one.
(It can easily be done with out the nude base coat and just use your natural nail colour.)

Start with your favourite base coat as a protector and then paint your nails a nude. Mine is Basil Street from Nails INC.

Next using a striper put a series of lines across your nails and simply fill in the black lines with either your striper or a black varnish.

A cool retro look.

Mily x

Monday, 14 November 2011

I read it in the news...

I read it in the news...

I started with my favourite reliable base coat and then followed that with a couple of coats of MAYBELLINE FOREVER STRONG in Cloudy Grey (no. 795)

Once that was completely dry, I dipped my finger tips into a small bowl filled with vodka!
A secret way of creating this design.

While your finger is still wet wrap a bit of news print around the nail. The paper should all become wet. Carefully peel off the paper and it will leave the print on your nail.

Finish off with a top coat to seal your manicure.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

With cherries on top...

Every girl loves cupcakes...

Although this cupcake design is fiddly it does look great on your nails.

Start with a collection of pastel colours. Paint each nail a different shade. Most of mine came from Superdrugs.

First step over.... The second step is to create a case for your cupcakes, on the edge of your nails paint a pink square. I chose not to go all the way to the edge of my nails.
Then taking a dotting tool I added a white icing top to the cake by using the thick end to paint a series of dots onto my nail.

Adding sprinkles was the next step... using the thin end of a dotting tool I created sprinkles in my favourite colours.

Finish off with a cherry on top. I added a bit of bling by putting a dimonte in the middle of the cherry on my three middle fingers.

There you have it, a cupcake design.
What do you think girls?... Mily x

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember, Remember the 5th of November...

Fireworks night is my favourite celebration so I have created a simple fireworks design. Really easy to do...

Simply paint your nails a dark colour. I chose to use a dark red rather than a black.

Using a dotting tool or some stripers and paint two lines from the base of your nails to the middle of your nails.

Then draw several lines out in a spiral to represent where the firework explodes.

I've used gold, silver and two glitter varnishes.


Leopard print... sort of!

I recently had a shellac manicure in a really lovely blue colour. When I started to get bored I decided to Mily-fy my nails. Here is my attempt at leopard print....

Leopard print isn't too hard to create. All you need to do is create a series of dots in a dark colour. I chose to go over the top and use a pink.

I didn't have a light pink that I liked so I simply added a dollop of white nail varnish to my original pink and mixed until I was happy with the shade.

I then used my dotting tool to create the edging. Around some you should make a 'c' shape, around others create a bracket ( ) shape.

And there you have it. A way to Mily-fy your manicures.

Mily x