Saturday, 5 November 2011

Leopard print... sort of!

I recently had a shellac manicure in a really lovely blue colour. When I started to get bored I decided to Mily-fy my nails. Here is my attempt at leopard print....

Leopard print isn't too hard to create. All you need to do is create a series of dots in a dark colour. I chose to go over the top and use a pink.

I didn't have a light pink that I liked so I simply added a dollop of white nail varnish to my original pink and mixed until I was happy with the shade.

I then used my dotting tool to create the edging. Around some you should make a 'c' shape, around others create a bracket ( ) shape.

And there you have it. A way to Mily-fy your manicures.

Mily x

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