Tuesday, 15 November 2011

There be Pirates!

The Pirates are coming! The Pirates are coming!

A funny little design. As always easy to do...

Start by painting your nails white. At the base of your nail create a thick red stripe. I used a variety of red shades to give the bandanas something different. I also changed the angle of the red.
Once this is dry use a dotting tool to put some spots on the pirates banadanas. I created a mixture of large and small dots.
Then using a large dotting tool put a large on the left or right side and a smaller on the other to create eyes.
Finally use a striper to join the larger dot to the sides of the bandana - creating the eye patch and draw a small smile at the top of your nails. You can give them any expression you wish.


  1. I have awarded you the Versatile blogger award, and you can claim it on my blog if you like :]