Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day Six: O Tannenbaum!

Oh Christmas Tree! O Tannenbaum!

A really simple design that looks funky.

Start by painting your nails green, I used Orly's Winter Green. Leave one or two nails to paint white. Wait for the paint to completely dry before moving on. (White is notorious for showing all sins so take your time)
On the white nails start to build up a Christmas tree by placing dots of green paint in a triangle from the base of your nail. If like me you only have two green varnishes you can mix to create new shades.

Build up until you have a definite shape. You can leave as much white in between as you feel comfortable with. 

Top your design off with a star if you wish (I have a polish with stars inside. I selected one for the top of the tree)

Use some red gems or red paint to make the decorations.

Merry Christmas

Mily x

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