Sunday, 4 December 2011

Day Two: I love Candy!

Candy Canes

A slightly more complicated but very festive design... Here is how I did it....

First of all I made my candy canes separately from the nail design. I used the base of an old sweet tub, anything smooth and plastic will work for this.

Using a dotting tool I created my candy cane shape on the tub, as the varnish began to dry I used the clean end of a dotting tool to scrape away any bad edges. (Picture 1: Below)

I then used a dotting tool to create the white stripes in the candy cane. I simply placed a dot at the side of the shape and stretched the varnish across. (Picture 2) It takes some practise but is not as hard as you would think. Again I used a clean dotting tool to scrape away the drying paint that I didn't want. (Picture 3)

Leave this for a good few hours to dry and then simply peel your shapes off!


Next I painted my nails a green - Winter Green by ORLY (remember to use a good base coat - colours like green stain!) and used a silver striper to draw a simple line across the tops of my nails. While the varnish was still tacky I placed my dried Candy Canes where I wanted them and sealed with a top coat.

And there is your second festive design... another simpler candy cane design to follow.

Mily x

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