Sunday, 8 January 2012

The best things in life are free... I want money!

£$£ Money Manicure £$£

I recently went on holiday and came back with a banknote that was too small to change into my currency so I decided to be creative. You could also do this with monopoly money.

Start by picking a colour that compliments the money. I chose a light gold.

Cut out some nail shaped circles from the money and trim them to the size of your nails.

Wet the money in a little water to make it easier to move around and stick to your nails while it is still tacky. Use some nail glue to stick it down if it is being stubborn.

Cover with a hard wearing top coat to give it shine. Stick some gems for that added bling to your nails.

And there you have a real money manicure.


  1. inteligente, original y linda idea :) saludos desde chile!