Sunday, 5 February 2012



Although I do have a wonderful boyfriend, he will be at sea over Valentine's Day so I have decided, in addition to a few Valentine's designs, I would create an Anti-Valentine's post.

So for those who are single, apart or just hate mush here is my fav skull and cross bones hearts....

Start with a base coat of dark pink, mine is from S&C. Remember to start out with a good coat of base coat to protect your natural nails.

Next using a striper create a cross at the base of your nail. It will be repainted later so don't worry too much about accuracy.

Using the crosses as a size guide, next draw a heart above this and fill it in.

If you are unsteady doing this free style you can use a dotting tool. Create two dots next to each other and then fill in the bottom with a black triangle.

Then simply go over the crosses and using a dotting tool put two small dots at the edge of each line. This makes the bones effect.

Finish off with a gem for sparkle and seal with a strong top coat.

Simple Anti-Valentine's manicure.

Mily x

Youtube Link:
Anti-Valentine's Video