Saturday, 24 March 2012

Curiouser and curiouser!

 Curiouser and curiouser!
The second Alice in Wonderland themed design.

I've seen lots of designs recently that aren't uniform and so I thought I would give one a go. This is the second ALICE IN WONDERLAND inspired design...

Here goes...
After using a good base coat, start off with a nice light blue. I've used Barry M. Although I will be doing something different on each finger the two hands are going to have the same designs. Next decide what finger is going to have what...
1. The full clock.
Using a white polish draw a reasonable sized circle in the middle of your nail. To give a bit more sparkle I used a shimmery top coat. While it is still tacky line the circle with some gold micro-beads. You can get them on or from the Andrea Fulerton collection at Superdrugs (that's where mine come from)

Place a blue gem in the centre and wait to dry.
Once design is dry use a dotting tool to create four dots in the appropriate places. Lastly use a striper to draw in some hour and minute hands and then seal with a very good top coat. I like to use Sally Hansen INSTA -DRI.

2. The half clock.

The half clock follows the same process as the full clock but only takes up the top on your nail. Simply create half a circle rather than a full circle and repeat the above instructions.

3. The card suits.

This design requires a steady hand and a striper. The best thing to do is look at a picture of the card  and just recreate them on a smaller scale. Alternatively have a look at my earlier Alice post Why! but you're just a pack of cards for some hints. Once you've finished drawing the heart, club, diamond and spade designs finish off with a gem or two in what ever colour you fancy.

4. Alice's stripes.

This design is really simple but looks great in amongst the complicated designs. Find a darker blue, I've used Boots No. 7 - Teal. Simple draw two or three (depending on how wide your nails are) lines straight up your nail using the brush. Before it drys stick some gems on. My gems are again from the Andrea Fulerton collection at Superdrugs.

5. The Mad Hatter's price tag.

The last design is the Mad Hatter's price tag. The first thing to do is draw yourself a square towards the top of your nail. Line the square with a black striper and while that is still damp add a few gems. I have used clear and black.
Using a striper, write the price tag - 10/6 and cover with a strong top coat to protect.

There you have it. An intricate but very effective Alice and Wonderland design...

Mily x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Very, very hungry....

 A design inspired by my favourite childhood book...
Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This design is a little more fiddly than usual but looks so good.

Start by painting all your nails yellow. Remember to use a good base coat; colours such as yellows can stain.

After you've done this put at least three dots on each finger with a larger black dot on the end of your index finger. This will make the body of the caterpillar. Using a striper add some of feet onto some of the bumps of the body.

Taking your dotting tool again add a smaller dot of green to the black body dots. I used four different shades. The great thing about this design is that is doesn't have to be perfectly symmetrical.

On the last of the dots add a red dot. That will be the caterpillars head. On this one use your striper to create two antenna. Before you put the striper away add a little dot as a nose. Finish off the look of the head with two little  white dots for eyes.
On the other hand use some bright colours to create the rough shapes of your favourite fruit. Remember the don't have to be perfectly symmetrical. Use a striper to add some dimensions.
Finish the look off by putting a yellow dot on your fruit, to make it look like the caterpillar has eaten through the fruit already.

Finish off with a strong top coat to protect your design.

Mily x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Why, you're nothing but a pack of cards!" said Alice

Dedicated to Beth...

One of the readers of the blog has recently been invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed fancy-dress. So Beth, the next two blogs will be dedicated to you and hopefully give you some inspiration.

Nothing but a pack of cards!

This design looks really good and is so simple to create.

Start with a good coat of white. I always take my time with white, slowly layering because it is horrendous if it doesn't settle or smudges.
Once it is fully dry you can begin to create. Using a dotting tool and/or striper simply draw the shapes of the four aces; a heart, a club, a spade and a diamond.

I found looking at pictures to be the easiest way to re-create. The spade was the trickiest so I made two dots and then joined the dots up at the top with a triangle shape.

Finally for a bit of party glam...

I decorated the thumb with a red tipped french design. Using a red polish I painted a line of red straight across the tip. It didn't have to be perfect because the edges were covered with black beading. Any colour beading can be used or simply keep it plain for understated elegance. I then used some red glitter to give a glam sparkle.

Have fun,
love Mily x

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stipes and dots all the way!

A funky, colourful design that is simple and quick.

First, take complimenting colours, one dark and one light. I have used light and dark green, light and dark purple, light and dark blue, nude and red, and yellow and orange.
Paint all of your nail the light colour and then half with the dark.

Next take your stiper and on the dark side paint a series of lines up towards the top of the nail. Do this for all of the dark sides. You can even paint horizontal lines to vary if you wish.

Finally use your dotting tool to put as many dots on the light side as you wish. Finish with a strong top coat to protect your design.

Have fun,
Love Mily x

By Air Mail...

To air mail...

A really fun design that is so simple to create.


Start with a light blue and paint both hands with a few coats so it is a block colour.

Next, taking a white striper or a white polish paint a triangle on your thumb, so that the point is towards the top of your nail. Then create a smaller triangle at the bottom, so that the point is towards the base of your nail.

Once you've done this, create two thin triangles with a black striper at the sides of the big white one. Next draw a line from the top point to the bottom and fill in the edges.

You've created your paper aeroplane!
Taking your striper create a series of small lines across your other four nails, to make it look like the path that the plane has taken.


Taking a dotting tool create a cluster of dots next to each other to look like clouds.

Finish with a matte top coat.

Simple as...

Love Mily x