Saturday, 10 March 2012

By Air Mail...

To air mail...

A really fun design that is so simple to create.


Start with a light blue and paint both hands with a few coats so it is a block colour.

Next, taking a white striper or a white polish paint a triangle on your thumb, so that the point is towards the top of your nail. Then create a smaller triangle at the bottom, so that the point is towards the base of your nail.

Once you've done this, create two thin triangles with a black striper at the sides of the big white one. Next draw a line from the top point to the bottom and fill in the edges.

You've created your paper aeroplane!
Taking your striper create a series of small lines across your other four nails, to make it look like the path that the plane has taken.


Taking a dotting tool create a cluster of dots next to each other to look like clouds.

Finish with a matte top coat.

Simple as...

Love Mily x

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