Saturday, 24 March 2012

Curiouser and curiouser!

 Curiouser and curiouser!
The second Alice in Wonderland themed design.

I've seen lots of designs recently that aren't uniform and so I thought I would give one a go. This is the second ALICE IN WONDERLAND inspired design...

Here goes...
After using a good base coat, start off with a nice light blue. I've used Barry M. Although I will be doing something different on each finger the two hands are going to have the same designs. Next decide what finger is going to have what...
1. The full clock.
Using a white polish draw a reasonable sized circle in the middle of your nail. To give a bit more sparkle I used a shimmery top coat. While it is still tacky line the circle with some gold micro-beads. You can get them on or from the Andrea Fulerton collection at Superdrugs (that's where mine come from)

Place a blue gem in the centre and wait to dry.
Once design is dry use a dotting tool to create four dots in the appropriate places. Lastly use a striper to draw in some hour and minute hands and then seal with a very good top coat. I like to use Sally Hansen INSTA -DRI.

2. The half clock.

The half clock follows the same process as the full clock but only takes up the top on your nail. Simply create half a circle rather than a full circle and repeat the above instructions.

3. The card suits.

This design requires a steady hand and a striper. The best thing to do is look at a picture of the card  and just recreate them on a smaller scale. Alternatively have a look at my earlier Alice post Why! but you're just a pack of cards for some hints. Once you've finished drawing the heart, club, diamond and spade designs finish off with a gem or two in what ever colour you fancy.

4. Alice's stripes.

This design is really simple but looks great in amongst the complicated designs. Find a darker blue, I've used Boots No. 7 - Teal. Simple draw two or three (depending on how wide your nails are) lines straight up your nail using the brush. Before it drys stick some gems on. My gems are again from the Andrea Fulerton collection at Superdrugs.

5. The Mad Hatter's price tag.

The last design is the Mad Hatter's price tag. The first thing to do is draw yourself a square towards the top of your nail. Line the square with a black striper and while that is still damp add a few gems. I have used clear and black.
Using a striper, write the price tag - 10/6 and cover with a strong top coat to protect.

There you have it. An intricate but very effective Alice and Wonderland design...

Mily x


  1. This Looks Fantastic you did an awesome job! i really love the nail art on your blog so i wanted to tell you that i nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

  2. Beautiful nail and very nice Blog!