Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Why, you're nothing but a pack of cards!" said Alice

Dedicated to Beth...

One of the readers of the blog has recently been invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed fancy-dress. So Beth, the next two blogs will be dedicated to you and hopefully give you some inspiration.

Nothing but a pack of cards!

This design looks really good and is so simple to create.

Start with a good coat of white. I always take my time with white, slowly layering because it is horrendous if it doesn't settle or smudges.
Once it is fully dry you can begin to create. Using a dotting tool and/or striper simply draw the shapes of the four aces; a heart, a club, a spade and a diamond.

I found looking at pictures to be the easiest way to re-create. The spade was the trickiest so I made two dots and then joined the dots up at the top with a triangle shape.

Finally for a bit of party glam...

I decorated the thumb with a red tipped french design. Using a red polish I painted a line of red straight across the tip. It didn't have to be perfect because the edges were covered with black beading. Any colour beading can be used or simply keep it plain for understated elegance. I then used some red glitter to give a glam sparkle.

Have fun,
love Mily x