Saturday, 12 May 2012

Simple but effective

This design really needs no explaination I just wanted to show you my current Simple but Effective desing...

All Dressed Up...

I recently bought a cute little dress with a Peter pan type collar so I thought I would recreate the design on my nails. Minus the intricate lace. It seemed only fair to have a girly version after my blog about tuxedo nails.

So here is the latest tutorial blog...

All Dressed Up...

Start with a good base coat because black is well know for staining your nails. Once this is completely dry cut a hole reinforcer in half and stick it to the bed of your nail. Then paint your nails with a black polish. You can use any colour, perhaps one that matches a dress you have.

When the black is completely dry, and before removing the reinforcer, use a dotting tool to create two little half circles for the collar.

When the varnish is completely dry remove the reinforcers. This design takes a lot of patience. You must wait for the varnish to dry properly.

I then tidied up the edges using a black and white striper. Finish with a matte top coat and while it is still tacky add two or three gems to represent cute buttons.
I chose gold micro beads for this. Available from Superdrugs.

And there you have another easy but sweet design....

Love Mily x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rule Britannia! - Glitter style!

A glittery tribute to Britain... just in time for the Diamond Jubilee

I wanted to create a design that fitted in with the diamond jubilee but wasn't too ostentatious so here is my glittery design.

First I took a silver and painted a thin coat on four nails.

Then using a blue glitter - Nails inc. - Royal Arcade. I painted one nail with a few coats. Take your time over this. Allow each layer to try properly before applying another.
Once it was completely dry I used a white striper to create a cross in the centre of the nails and in the four corners a simple little white line. I chose not to join the crosses so that the blue could shine through. Then using the red striper I created the red crosses.

Once that was dry I used my new hologram Nails inc top coat to give the fantastic glitter effect.

And there you have it, a glittery Rule Britannia!!

Love Nails.

Love Love Nails

Hi everyone,

I haven't updated in a while so I thought I'd post a few new designs for you. The first is a sweet half heart design. Really simple to do and looks fantastic.

First paint your nails a nude colour - I used Nails INC  Basil Street.

Then using a large dotting tool or the tip of your brush paint two half circles on the tip of your nail.

To decorate them use the a small dotting tool to create some simple dots along the design and the when dry give it a good coat in a matte top coat.

Finish the design off with a gem in the centre of your nail. I used purple on the nails with pink polish and visa versa.