Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Here Fishy Fishy! Caviar Manicure.

 Here Fishy Fishy! Caviar Manicure...

A really simple to do but interesting manicure... 

I recently bought some microbeads on Amazon to create my fish egg manicure and was really pleased with the results.

All you have to do is paint your nails a colour that compliments the colour of your beads. I've mixed three different colours together but you can keep them block if you wish. Then follow the instructions below...

1. Paint your nails in the usual way

2. Wait for the varnish to become tacky... not wet but not dry either. 

3. Sprinkle your micro beads over your nails. 

4. Press the beads down. 

5. If there are any gaps, lick the flesh of your finger and push it into the beads to collect them. Push the beads into the gaps. 

6. Cover with a top coat to help them stick. 



  1. I cant decide whether or not I like this trend! Looks pretty on you though :)

  2. It certainly feels odd. And makes a few of your fingers magnetic!