Monday, 23 July 2012

Olympic Manicure.

I got so carried away with the design that I forgot to take pictures of the process I am afraid but here is a few pictures of my Olympic Manicure.

Olympic rings and GB bunting design. 

To create the rings I used a dotting tool to put the colours in and then put dots of white in the centre. Very simple to create but it looks effective. 

Love Mily x

Go Team Great Britain! Go Team GB!

Support Team GB with some GB nails.

Here are a few GB nail ideas for you to try out. The great thing about doing your own manicures is that you can use what ever colours you like. And what better than Red, White and Blue. 
This is not a detailed tutorial just a close up of some different patterns that you can try too.

 Try glamming up a union jack by using lighter colours and gems. I coated the white stripes in glitter too just for that extra bling bling.

 Bunting seems to be this years favourite so add your colours to some GB bunting. Because it is small I used dots and stripes but you could also try block colours or make your bunting bigger by having only one row.

I am not a massive stamper but I found a cool crown and seeing as we are a monarchy, I thought why not! So I went for a holographic back ground and then stamped a black crown on top. 

Again just a simple design using red, white and blue. You could add some gems in place of the dots or as the picture below you could completely cover your nails with gems. 

Have some fun and create some cool designs!