Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dots and more dots...

Another very simple dot design...

All this design takes is the patience to watch the paint dry and a dotting tool. 
(remember if you don't have a dotting tool they are really easy to make! Have a quick look at my earlier posts to see how!)

First of all paint your nail with a good base coat! Black stains and you don't want your natural nail stained. Then give your nails a coat of black polish. 
Once this is try place a white dot in the center; like below. 

The next step is to start creating smaller, white dots in a circle around the middle dot. We are using a white so that when we use colour it will stand out against the black!

Again, wait to dry!

When the white dots are dry, you can start filling them in by placing a coloured dot on top. Use all your favourite colours. 

When it is finished it should look like this....
Add a coloured gem to the middle dot and seal with a good top coat. 

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  1. I love dots and more dots!....and more dots. They have to be one of my favorites!