Sunday, 2 September 2012

Copy from the blackboard

Copying from the Blackboard
I realise that blackboards are a thing of the past but here is my last Back to School, blackboard inspired design. 

This is a really simple design that just needs a few ingredients. You will need a good base coat (black stains!), a black polish, a white striper and a matte top coat. 

First of all paint your nails a solid black. I used a Barry M polish for this design.

Once it is dry, use your white striper to create some school like designs. I used E=MC2, Pi, triangles, ticks, H20 etc...

Once you have patiently done this and patiently waited for it to dry, (you don't want the colours to run into each other when you put the top coat on) paint over your design with a matte top coat. Mine is from GOSH which is available at Superdrugs. 


  1. These are great, love the idea! Now following! x

  2. Love it!
    Hope you can check out my nail art blog that I've just made :)

  3. Thanks guys. I've just been checking out your blog Janne. It looks good :D