Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fall has fallen with a thud!

It has been simply ages since I last posted a design. I missed Halloween, (but I did rock a Frankenstein and Dracula design that I will save until next year now) but I will try to keep updating more often. I've already started on my Christmas designs so watch this space!
With out further ado...
An Autumn/Fall design.

Off we go...

I started off by painting my nails a bright, block orange. I made sure I used a really good base coat for this because the orange could really stain my nails.

The next bit is the slightly tricky part. I used a black striper to paint some outlines of leaves on my nails. They don't have to be absolutely perfect because you are going to paint over them and retouch them later on.

I painted mainly on the sides of the nails, using half a leaf rather than trying to fit in whole ones.

Next I chose some autumnal colours; red, yellow, coppers, green and browns and I carefully filled in the shapes. I did this free hand with the end of the brush but if you are a little shaky, you could use  dotting tool to gently fill them in.

Once they were dried I took a white striper and added some lines to highlight. I then touched up those rough edges with my black striper and added in some veins etc...  
Finally to finish off I added a matte topcoat and some orange, green and red gems.
Happy painting...
Love Mily x

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